Wry Society is just your average club with absolutely no secrets whatsoever. Making a purchase from a Society emporium does not mean you pledge your undying devotion to said society and your name is not then also given a place of honour in the hallowed book of our great covenant. That would be silly.

Handmade Trinkets

Crafts and props and all manner of things for any mysterious need, e.g. "placing upon a shelf and staring fondly".

Artisan Keycap Division

Coming Soon

As a keyboard enthusiast, I believe everyone needs at least one fancy keycap. Although you can't go wrong with two. Or three...


Apparel and accessories. Proudly proclaim your fandom fealty without uttering a single word.

(PLEASE NOTE that items purchased at WryWear are all print-on-demand so, while all the designs are made by yours truly, the actual items are made by and sent directly from various print shops. Pretty standard stuff, really, but I thought you should know. I love you!)